Not fake news – Deepest Dorset is REALLY sold out

DDSOLDOUT 1THERE’s a bit of fake news going the rounds about Deepest Dorset, the first of our three books, published in 2016.  We are delighted that the total 3,020 print run has sold out, at the same time as being sorry that some people missed out.

It would not be practical for us to reprint a book originally published six years ago. It would need revision – several exciting new things have happened, but many people and businesses mentioned in 2016 are no longer with us. We could not guarantee selling as many books as would be needed to cover the costs of revision and reprinting, and because ALL the proceeds of our books goes to charity, it would not be a viable risk.

Some would-be purchasers have been told that Deepest Dorset is the most recent book, and that some stockists have copies. They have also been told that we have refused to reprint it. We have checked with all our stockists, and they have assured us that they have sold all their books.

We do have copies of both Deepest Wiltshire, published in 2019, and the latest book, Deepest Somerset, published in September 2021.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the charities.