Ordering Deepest Somerset

The Mail on Sunday discount offer ends at 7am on Saturday 30th October 2021. Orders received after that date will be charged at the full price of £25.

To order Deepest Somerset, please telephone 01963 32525  or send an email to info@nulldeepestbooks.co.uk, with your your name and address. You can pay by card over the phone, or preferably transfer funds by BACS (see below).  We will post your copy/copies, priced at £25 each.

The postage and packing costs are:

First class : £5.50 for one book or £7 for two books in one package.

Second class:  £5  for one OR two books in one package.  [ask Royal Mail…!]

As from 26th October 2021, charges for postage, packing and admin charges have been increased by £1, to protect the income of the beneficiary charities.


Please send a cheque to cover the cost of the book and the postage and packing, made payable to Deepest Books, to Thanksgiving Cottage, 16 Church Street, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9AE.

If you would rather pay by BACS,  please send to 20-99-40 23869431 and mark your payment DSom (to avoid confusion with Deepest Dorset) and email us with your full name and postal address.

Telephone number 01963 32525 (only five figures!)

For in-person purchases, see details of Somerset stockists by clicking on STOCKISTS on this website.